Make something slash and is the only way I will ship it.

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Lingerine are so hot man!
And i can understand why spy love her

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Anonymous whispered: I love ur art! Can u draw Rick with a foxy grandpa hat? Please? Thx
#omg #ram

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100 years Rick and Morty!

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you’re welcome

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It is better to have loved and lost than to have never read Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name at all

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where did you get if if I may ask?

i got it here prices vary depending on what bracelet you choose or how many lines of text you want 

but my bracelet was 12 bucks and the engraving was 5

someone had to proof read this bracelet engraving

someone had to engrave this bracelet

someone had to quality check this bracelet to make sure it was correct

those poor souls